TSNZ Nationals, in Palmerston North

Sunday 19th and Monday 20th Feb
So this meant driving down on the Friday, practice and gear check on Sat, followed by Open Prone Sunday and IPC Standing Monday.
This was a differcult one to process. Lond drive down on Friday yet with plenty of practice and rest time I felt I could’ve achieved a new PB even though it was quite hot. One complete string was almost shot on the pulse, which left meant low scores and 5th place.
Unfortunately I floundered in my sleep and that left Monday far from refreshed, also knowing I had a further 7.5hr jounery back to Auckland straight after the match. I beleive this added to my lack of 10’s in the final. On the plus side I do need to point out I managed a new PB, not as high as I was aiming for (pardon the pun) but still, new PB. With this score I pulled off the trophy, which will be forwarded to me, once last years winner gets better 🙂

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