New hobby, for the zombie apocalypse

So, perchance I stumbled across a new sport, and they accepted me as one of their own.

What a great sport. I get to throw things (dangerous things) and it’s considered acceptable!

All the crew at Sweet Axe are really accomodating and supported me on how to throw the hatchet (small axe), and gave a run down on the other sorts of axe’s available to throw and/or purchase through WATL (world axe throwing league)

This is not my first time, but I didn’t want to get to axe-cited about this new found activity until I had a chance to really get into it. Now I’m a League member! The staff not only support, but actively encourage newbies, and members even help noobs too. It’d just good fun, oh and sport.

  • Yes I’m wearing a silly mask, at the time (probably not when you’re reading this) we had sort of come out of a lock-down, and still had to wear masks indoors.

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