ANZCoS 2016 -Connect Neuro Physiotherapy

Thanks to Gilly Davy putting together this marvellous poster for ANZCoS 2016 I’ll be there in spirit (if I can’t be there in person).

I have been attending several sessions with Gilly and have found her to be amazing at listening to me and directing me. It’s very obvious Gilly has mountains of information about her work and she enjoys it. This energy is infectious making me believe in her and her work, making me work harder and even do the home work exercises!

If I could give anyone pointers about doing physic work, I’d say speak with Gilly Davy. She is experienced and wonderful at imparting the information she has gained over the last few years. She is also ready to listen to you and help you get the best gains from even just one appointment with her.

This phenomenal physio along with Rex. Wow, what an awesome combination for the best physio treatment I could ask for.


Gilly Davy poster ConnectNeuroPhysio

“…This is only the start of an exciting road ahead of how robotic exoskeletons are going to help impact clinical practice to advance our skills and services.”

Gilly Davy, Senior Neurological Physiotherapist and Clinical Director of Connect Neuro Physiotherapy, Auckland, New Zealand.

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