Boccia regionals – 10th Sept

It was an early start for me on a Sunday, but I knew nothing about the game, so it’s a step learning curve from there!

I learned so much in the first game and even managed to enter most of the scores right. Well, it turns out this is a great game, and I found it quite intense once I started to understand the rules. Honestly, in one games I was watching, I thought it might be easy, it looked easy. In reality, I know it only looked easy, because the guy I was watching was good.

A big thank you for being invited to help out, and helping teach me the game. I look forward to helping support Boccia again in the future.

Right Track – Large Group

I was privileged to speak the Right Track program today.

This program is to help the youth of today become better and make better choices. The week long program is aimed at supporting youth that has been in trouble, or at risk of being in trouble with the police.

Big thanks to the Spinal Unit and Right Track for having me. Rose and Orla did a fantastic job of setting everything up for Lee Taniwha and myself. We had a new guy Steven and next time seems like he’ll be jumping into to the program as well.

They were all really receptive and asked some great questions. I really enjoy watching them all learn about spinal injuries and being in the chairs while going through the obstacle course.