‘WeRob’ -Rex Bionics in Spain, 14-19th Sept 2014

Truly remarkable experience.

I was given the incredible opportunity to be the 3rd person in the world to walk using only the power of thought!! This was at the WeRob (wearable robotics) workshop/symposium at a 9th century castle (The Parador De Baiona) in Spain.

After 26 years breaking my back and only a wheelchair to mobilise, having the ability to take a few steps using my brain is still sinking in days later. Dr Atilla Killcarsian and Prof Jose (Pepe) Contreras-Vidal assisted Rex Bionics inventor Richard Little to use the Brain Products cap of Dr Roland Csuha, enabling me to walk with thought. With this collaboration they managed to reset the program they normally use for the computer model, using half the time required, and only able to process half the data needed, in a strange environment, and I’d never used it before!! Dr Atilla Killcarsian was amazed at how well I managed to control Rex using this interface in such a short time frame.

During the process I was aware of the audience and yet still had to focus substantially (yet relaxed at the same time) to initiate the steps. Afterwards, I became more aware of what I had done, and what others had helped me achieve. The next day, I overcome with emotion as the realisation of such a interface had helped me accomplish, and what that meant for the world moving forwards in the world of wearable robotics!

My life is changing. People are creating change. The World is moving forwards.

Thought walk.

Thought walk.

Firefighter Memorial Climb

Another year has past and least we forget.

The memorial climb

The memorial climb

I had the pleasure and honour to assist the Fired Up events crew with organising this years stair climb.

Tony Scott (Scotty) and Heather Stanley create a wonderful environment of fun and excitement that makes myself and other want to help support any event they are involved in.

Thank you for allowing me to participate in a wonderful event. Great to meet a couple guys over from the States to help commemorate. Everyone involved was incredible and gave to make it memorable to all. I’m humbled by the firefighter fraternity.