Highnoon – Sat 31st March, new range

Hard to shoot while people are talking but guess thats all part of it. Unfortunately I had no-one to help me chage targets eitehr so, it was all up to me. My heart rate was probably a little high & I droppped a couple due to talking, banging & crashing (I do need to block these out). Good session over all for training and scores to come as scoring machine wasnt there today.

Sunday 18th March – Auckland, Round the Bays

It was a hard slog 8.4km (run twice 16.8km total) in the “fireman’s suit” this year. Managed to have a real jacket and steel BA set on my back, this meant I needed a further 7.5kg on the front the chair to balance it out, total approx 30kg extra!! Good times, now imagine fireman running around saving your life with that gear on!! Legendary…

I burnt off just over 1400 calories and foudn it not only hard to push but also a mission because my helmet kept slidding down, typical. Ha ha.