Wedding for Kerry and Tima

Another wonderful ceremony, however in this time a very short pace of time! Only 7 days to prepare!

A wonderful couple that had originally planned to simply marry at a registry office, however it was all booked for that day. So luckily I managed to get a half day at work and set about planning their wedding ceremony in the next few days.

I gotta say, nothing to wake me up and stress me out like a wedding in only a few days. So I can only imagine what the wedding couple where going through! Needless to say, the ceremony was as they wanted, and the wedding went to plan.

Firefighter Stair Challenge

Several years since I broke my collarbone and the Fired Up Events still allow me back! Ha ha.

Great day, yes I look cold, because it was. These guys and gals race up 52floors for LBC charity and people some of them know that have been effected by these diseases. People all over NZ are either effected or know someone who’s effected by Leukaemia or related illnesses.

Every year I’m blown away by the passion of Scotty, the other volunteers, and all the stair climbing legends – the fire fighters themselves.

Thanks for letting me take part and having fun with all of you.