Qantas Intake #58 -cabin crew training

Once again we had the privilege to present to the Qantas new intakes of group #58.

It’s always a pleasure and this time was no exception. A lovely team that worked and played together. They also managed to share a few stories of their own and we laughed while learning. The best way to learn.

Laughing, joking and learning their way to a better understanding of people with specific needs. What a great day.

27th Jan #58 Qantas

New Qantas cabin crew training (15th & 22nd Jan 2016)

I am still in a position where I am able to support other groups with my knowledge to inspire and capture the interest of new cabin crew. I feel uniquely privileged to be accomplished in this field to support their learning.

The new trainer Jo was great, giving us free range to interact and encourage these new cabin crew to engage with us during our presentation. As always, the groups were as individual as chalk and cheese, yet still bright and bubbly with good honest questions.

We managed to open them up to the idea that people with specific needs are generally just like them, and need to be treated with empathy. They laughed at my jokes and feel silent when listening to deep stories.

Qantas is shaking things up with new recruits coming through thick and fast. I’m looking forward to the next group!

Qantas x1 15th Jan

Qantas x2 22nd Jan