Rex – Wellington, Ministry of Health meeting

If you anything about robotic, you’ve heard of Rex, if you haven’t, have you been living under a rock?

It’s a blast supporting and working with Rex Bionics.

The Rex team surround themselves with people who are energetic, awe-inspiring, an fun.

We headed down to windy Welly for the day to be part of a group presentation for the big wigs at the Ministry of Health. Really great being able to bring this incredible device to the people that count, they need to see how Rex can change the lives of so many disabled people.

Onehunga Awards Ceremony

I always enjoy going back to my old alumni OHS and giving an annual scholarship to one student each year is a wonderful gift for the student, and myself.

This high school is really on the cutting edge in so many areas, just talk to any student or teacher and find out. I’m so lucky to have this opportunity, the principal Deidre Shea does a fantastic job with bringing teachers and students together. Easy to tell who great the school as when so many students pass up on stage during the awards ceremony.


Tough Mudder VIP support crew

Wow, what an event! This Tough Mudder thing is out of the park! It’s just massive and everything is so much bigger, better and harder than anything I’ve seen before.

So I’ve run a few ultra marathons in my time, but this was epic running through rivers, barbed wire, electric fences, over walls… I mean, wow! I just got up early and handed out head bands all day. Wonderful people smiling and having fun, even if the event took hours longer than expected.

I was happy to help the event and totally awesome to watch how some of these teams finished how they started. Awe inspiring.