Mudfest 2016

Now if you like getting dirty & playing around… this is the place!! It was cold, and yes it did rain a little, so not really the spectator sport, but man it looked like the people out there in it so didn’t care.

This photo is a shinning example of how muddy these vehicles got. Anything from a hard-out double hand brake passenger controlled beastie, to a standard everyday suburban 4×4! Smiles all round, what a great event.

Muddiest 2016 was supported by several companies, (including but not limited to), Trundles, the Mount Shop, and of course Vernon Developments.

Mudfest 29th May 2016

Firefighter Skytower Stair Challenge 2016

Another amazing event that I’m proud to be a part of. These 600 or so firefighters not only put themselves at risk on a daily basis, but for this event (only this event) raise over $1mil the last two years for LBC!! ¬†That is truly an outstanding effort from the support of the LBC team, the Skycity Skytower staff and many other volunteers.

I’m so happy to support Fired Up Events whenever I can.

This year saw again many firefighters keen for the challenge, with so many raising funds for a family member, friends child or just someone they had met. These amazing people inspire so many with these actions, and through these actions they raise funds to support so many more, ongoing, every year through LBC.

23rd May Firefighter Stair Challenge 2016

Rotary Challenge Camp – Vaughan Park

I am still in awe of this wonderful group of young people. Some come from the other side of the globe to Vaughan Park to help support others with different disabilities tChallenge Camp, Rotary 2016o enjoy a camp full of challenges.

They had just finished an amazing wall hanging of 8 individual paintings from 8 different teams when I arrived. It was lunchtime, my favourite time of day and like bees to honey they all dove into the food. Well, in a straight line, slowly and orderly, but that’s just a sign of respect.

Each of them were listening so intensely with a few really good questions (one threw me unexpectedly as they should) but it showed how engaged they were. One young man came up to me afterwards and shared some of his story, similar to my own in some ways, and it broke my heart! Yet, I’m so glad he’s here, sharing and allowing the healing to help him move forward.

Thank you again Rotary for inviting me along to your awesome camp and allowing me to present my story to this group. I can only hope it helped