Auckland Santa Parade – Queen Street

So again, I supported the Auckland Christmas Santa Parade by being the seated version of Michael Jackson (from Thriller). On the Monster Mash float, the “Thriller” track is pelleted out a few dozen times over the course of the streets. The crowd loves it and the kids dancing around and on the float are amazing. So much energy! I get tired just watching them!

Nearly everyone in the parade, on the streets and supporting the parade in one way or another is a volunteer, so a HUGE thank you to all of them as well.

They were truly awesome and dancing for so long, smiling faces, in the heat… another fantastic year of Santa parade done and dusted…

Santa Parade 29th Nov 2015

ANZCoS (Australia and NZ Spinal Concerns) – Perth, Australia 25th-28th Nov

So, again a huge thank you to Rex Bionics for the invitation to be at the ANZCoS event again. Last year it was held at the Pullman Hotel in Auckland, this year is was at The University Club (UWA) in Perth, Australia.

I was lucky enough to be allowed entry to several of the speakers presentations, and needless to say, they were mind blowing! Just a few, Dr Denis Cherry, Dr Stan Weinienski, Dr Maria McCabe, Dr Lee Kirby, and the list could go on… Truly amazing and to be there with Rex demonstrating the wonderful machine, was just incredible.

A huge thank you to the team that set’s up these ANZCoS events as they really did a great job putting everything together. I was also taken back by the therapists and the hard questions out to us, the Rex team and myself were stumped a couple of times. This is good, as it means we need to research and get back to people with correct informed answers.

While there, the Rex team and I were also invited to support a new user in the device to try out Rex. For the first time, he was able to get up, and walk unsupported! His rehab is looking good…

Thank you again Rex for inviting me to be part of this event, and thank you to everyone that presented over the 4 days. I heard from others it was great for gathering information and sharing experiences.ANZCoS 24-27th Nov 2015



ACS 09 Aviation Institute -AirNZ

Well, it was a pleasure presenting to the last group for the Air New Zealand Aviation Institute. Unfortunately the decision makers have changed tack on the training institute and pulling the plug. It was just as lovely as ever to be abel to support these new people coming into the Travel and Tourism industry.

To all the staff and students I have interacted with over the years, thank you for being you perfect selves, attentive, great listeners and most importantly, thank you for being yourselves. All the best of your futures and future travels, wherever they may take you 🙂


Wedding of Logan and Letitia

What a wonderful day, and again I feel so privileged to been part of other peoples great day.

Logan and Letitia asked me to be their celebrant, and help them on their road to a married life together. I was luckily enough to be part of their journey, whilst presiding over their ceremony, it was lovely to meet the family.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your day, your coming together, and you future together. All the best.

The lovely longing wedding of Logan and Letitia.

The lovely longing wedding of Logan and Letitia.