Drift for a Cause (DFAC) at Hampton Downs race track

A huge thanks goes out to Cam Vernon and Gary Stirling for the way in which they have been able to set up this car and keep it running.

It’s a charity run vehicle (Cam is still working on setting up the Trust side of things so currently its been all his own funds!!), that has a working set of hand controls so any wheelchair user is invited to have a play in the car and try out drifting in a safe environment.

The Drift for a Cause car is a Toyota V8 Lexus that only has modified suspension, half roll cage and hand controls. Pretty much everything else is standard and strong!

Awesome fun and anyone in a wheelchair is invited to like their Facebook community and private message them for a go in the DFAC car 🙂


TSNZ Nationals and NzCup2 in Christchurch

From 19-26th I was in Christchurch for two events, the TSNZ (Target Shooting New Zealand) Nationals and NzCup2.

I travelled well and had good accommodation while their. I struggled through the standing and prone events in the hot conditions of the Christchurch Pistol Club (CPC) and managed to get average scores. The aim is consistency and average scores show I am consistent with my setup and process.

After the smoke cleared, I was the winner of the Colin Wilis trophy in standing R1 for the TSNZ Nationals, and in the Nz Cup2 won a bronze in prone R3 and Gold in standing R1.

Now to increase my shooting, increase my averages, and thus increase my end scores for Rio 2016.


Air New Zealand Aviation Institute – ACS01 2015

Wonderful group of 14 new wide eyed travel and tourism, 2 guys and 12 ladies all with the same intention as 1 in 7 other kiwi hopefuls. They really surprised me with some of their answers to my questions and when there’s learning on both sides of a good connection I’m always impressed.

Well done Aviation Institute on some more well rounded individuals coming through your ranks. All the best for each one of them in their future endeavours.

ACS01 2015 group of 14

Halberg Junior Disability Games first meeting

I’m the team co-ordinator for the newly formed Halberg Junior Disability Games ‘Team Auckland’ and today was their first gathering. I was truly worried about how the day was going to go and Saturday having trouble with my slideshow was very nervous. I needn’t of concerned myself with any of this, as the group was amazing.

We met at the Ellerslie YMCA, ate a little and sat through some presentations before having playing games. Everyone chatted and new bonds were formed between adults and the athletes.

Fun time for everyone, we shared some kai, information and some laughs. It was great to see these kids of ages 8-21 with numerous abilities mixing together. My presentation was well received and I managed to learn a lot for the experience (an Maia) to take me forward to our next gathering.

YMCA Halberg JDG

Jetconnect – Qantas

The first intake of the year and Andrew and Melissa of the new intake Qantas training had their hands full with this 15 strong team.

At one point I ask the group to stand for an activity, this gun-ho team was the first ever to keep going in the activity till I told them to stop! They really are a close knit, well presented, and well humoured (I believe they actually enjoyed my jokes, not just pretended to laugh).

More enlightening questions and thought provoking responses. I wish them well in all their future endeavours, whatever they maybe.